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How it works

If you're anything like us, you're constantly inundated with Web3 stories. It can be tough to keep up! That's where our service comes in. We sift through all the noise and bring you only the most important stories, so you can stay informed without spending hours online. Plus, our newsletters are concise and easy to read, so you can make decisions before other people even finish the original article!

Web3 evolves daily

By becoming an expert in web3 you will be able to understand how crucial daily changes can impact projects in both the short and long run. Understanding these changes can give you a major leg up when it comes to making decisions about your investments.

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Here are four more reasons why you need us in your life:


You'll save time. Imagine all the hours you'll free up by letting us do the work for you. You can finally use your lunch break to eat instead of scrolling through your Twitter feed!


You'll be more informed. We only bring you the stories that matter, so you can be confident that you're always up-to-date on the latest developments. No more FOMO!

The Mighty library

You'll get insider insights. Our team of experts offer their thoughts and analysis on each story, so you can go beyond the headlines and really understand what's going on.


You'll be part of a community. By signing up, you'll join a group of like-minded individuals who are as passionate about Web3 news as you are. We can't wait to welcome you aboard!

The future is looking bright

With high quality daily newsletters that feature the top news in a concise format, weekly top stories that are disrupting web3, and monthly web3 magazines. These magazines will show the most successful entrepreneurs in web3 and include interviews with them.

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Our roadmap

Board DROP

We are proud to announce that we will be partnering up with 100 incredible mentors. These people have a lot of knowledge and experience in the crypto world as well other businesses! They'll share their expertise on how they feel it could help our community grow even more.

Investor group

We are giving access to our investor's group for free until the sale ends. If you want a glimpse at all that we have in store, then sign up today!

Whitelist Sale


Public Sale

0.2 ETH

Investment in early stage start-ups.

MetaSynergy is excited to help you get your idea off of the ground! We know how difficult it can be without funding, so we want give these startups more than just cash - they'll also have our full support and encouragement.

MetaSyngery Scholarship

The future of our students is something that we take very seriously. That's why, we're ready to invest in college experience with full scholarships (and plenty more)! They'll be able start off on solid financial footing from day one thanks not only for what you learn but also how much support there will always have been when needed most in our community.

2nd collection

We are proud to present you with our second collection.

Alpha Game

With the alpha release of our educational play-to-earn game, we are excited to offer more opportunities for players.

MetaSynergy Token

What is a game without its ERC-20 Token?

Beta Game

Now it's trial time. Here we are looking into possible improvements and debugging.

Final release!

There we are!

Our roadmap

Daily newsletter launch (launching now)

The newsletter will be delivered every morning and will contain the latest web3 news, insights and analysis. We want it to be a quick read that you can enjoy with your morning coffee.

We're currently finalizing the design and testing the delivery process. Once everything is ready, we'll be sending out the first issue to our subscribers. Stay tuned for more updates!

Weekly top stories including trade analysis

The weekly top stories newsletter is a must-read for anyone interested in the web3 space. It provides concise, insightful analysis of the most important events that have transpired over the past week. In addition to the concise market & project analysis, the newsletter also covers newsworthy items such as new projects and major announcements. If you want to stay up-to-date on all things web3, be sure to subscribe to the weekly top stories newsletter.

"The Forbes of Web3" Magazine

The internet as we know it is evolving. A new wave of decentralization is upon us, and with it comes a new set of opportunities for those who are willing to seize them. "The Forbes of Web3" will be a monthly magazine that seeks to provide its readers with exclusive insights into this burgeoning industry, through in-depth interviews with some of the most successful web3 entrepreneurs out there. In addition, we will also be offering tips and advice on how to get started in this exciting new field. So if you're looking to stay ahead of the curve, make sure to subscribe!

Meet the leadership

Founder & CEO
Founder & Crypto Analyst
Marketing Officer
3D Artist
Project Manager
Blockchain Developer
Crypto Trainer
Crypto Trainer
Community Manager

Frequently asked QUESTIONS

Is there a WHITELIST?

Join our Discord and follow the daily missions to get whitelisted timely.

How much does an NFT cost to mint?


When is the public sale?


How do I purchase an NFT?

You will be able to mint directly on our website, using Metamask. Join our Discord to get reminders.
A maximum of 10 NFTS mints per wallet is allowed.

What if the gas fees are high?

Each sale phase will have at least 48h available for MINT, follow the gas tracker and find a good fee.

What are MetaSynergy NFTs?

MetaSynergyNFTs are unique tokens created on Ethereum blockchain , that offer utility and benefits to their owners.

How many NFTs will be available?


Or reach out to learn more. Contact us.

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